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Dave and Wes Discuss the State of Nintendo

It’s true.  We really do. Enjoy.

Podcast 2012

Welcome to the New Year! Enjoy an hour and a half of Wes and Dave discussing bullshit and their year in video games.

Extremely Early Impression: Skyward Sword

I know this is been out almost a month, but hey, I just got it.  It was a worthwhile payment from my old man for cleaning out his gutters.  Finally his fear of heights is paying off for me.  After a scavenger hunt for a Wii Motion Plus adapter (which I purchased from Amazon for […]

Queue Up the E3 Disappointment (Grumble Grumble)

There seems to be a lot of jubilation about this year’s E3 Conference amongst the gaming press.  You can count me unimpressed with the 2011 offering.  Having watched the three main press conferences (Microsoft, followed by Sony and then Nintendo) I am comfortable in saying that I am displeased with each company as this year’s […]

Works of Art — Gaming’s Most Inspired Visuals pt.1

For whatever reason, the debate as to whether or not video games can be considered forms of art exists, mostly due to trolls like Roger Ebert.  The Smithsonian American Art Museum, however, seems to side with everyone else believing that video games, like movies/books/music and other forms of entertainment, are indeed creative expressions worthy of […]

Video Game Musings and Observations by Dave

Whilst looking deep within my psyche, I’ve pondered these following musings and observations, wondering what mystic understandings they hold for the video game universe.  They are told through bullet points and an overt usage of nonsensical, user-generated memes.

Dueling Video Game Music Theater: SNES

Dave and Wes make their top audio picks from a handful of classic SNES games. Enjoy: Your browser does not support iframes.

“Super Mega Awesome Ultra Nintendo” is more like it…

The SNES remains the pinnacle video game system to many gamers. The memories that are associated with that now-likely-discolored piece of early-90s, 16-bit hardware are so prevalent that remakes and Virtual Console ports are guaranteed money-makers in even a cash-strapped economy such as our own. A lot of folks fortunate enough to have lived through […]

Video Game Theater: Volume 1

Classic NES Intro Sequences In what I hope may become a recurring feature on the site, we present some of our favorite intro sequences from classic NES games. Proving that even without massive storage space and flashy full motion video and millions of colors, you can still spin a compelling yarn. The intro sequence used […]