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Treasure Chest: The Witcher 2

Developer: CD Projekt RED Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Release Date: April 17, 2012 (Xbox 360) Genre: Third-Person, RPG Rating: M There are so many reasons that The Witcher 2 belongs in GameDrunk’s Treasure Chest. CD Projekt RED is arguably the coolest development house out there. They constantly go above and beyond to increase the overall […]


Tonight Josh, Wes, Dave and Matt discuss XBONE vs PS4 and a bevy of side-topics. VS. Enjoy.

Dave and Wes Discuss the State of Nintendo

It’s true.  We really do. Enjoy.

Treasure Chest: Borderlands

  Developer: Gearbox Software Publisher: 2K Games Release Date: October 20, 2009 Genre: First-Person, RPG Rating: M

Podcast 2012

Welcome to the New Year! Enjoy an hour and a half of Wes and Dave discussing bullshit and their year in video games.

Skylanders: The Phenomenon

You may remember that I included Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure in my article about gaming trends I despise. I absolutely despise the multi-pronged marketing tactic used to sell this game because it is so goddamned brilliant. The only thing those marketing bastards could have done to be even more devious would have been to include particular […]

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row 2 is one of my all time favorite co-op games for the Xbox 360. It even ranks up there as one of my favorite co-op games of all time, so needless to say I have eagerly been anticipating the next installment in the series. Saints Row 3 (or the third) has not disappointed. […]

Treasure Chest: Triple Pack

  Developer: Bethesda Publisher: 2K Games Release Date: 3/20/2006 Genre: RPG Rating: M Developer: BioWare Publisher: EA Release Date: 1/26/2010 Genre: Action-RPG Rating: M Developer: Epic Games Publisher: Microsoft Release Date: Multi Genre: Action Rating: M

More Fashionably Late Game Reviews: Fable 2

Developer: Lionhead Studios Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Release Date: 10/21/2009 Genre: RPG, Action Rating:M (Mature) Yes, you read that right. Fable 2. Not Fable 3. In fact, this game came out before my previous “Fashionably Late Game Review.” Perhaps I should call this one an “Inexcusably Late Game Review”? Enough of this digression, back to […]

Reactions to E3 News in GIF Format

In the spirit of our last reactions post, we are going to react to some of the E3 highlights, albeit slightly late. Again, let’s start off with an easy one: Nintendo announces new game console!!! Behold the… WII U!! Now that you see how it works, let’s continue.

Queue Up the E3 Disappointment (Grumble Grumble)

There seems to be a lot of jubilation about this year’s E3 Conference amongst the gaming press.  You can count me unimpressed with the 2011 offering.  Having watched the three main press conferences (Microsoft, followed by Sony and then Nintendo) I am comfortable in saying that I am displeased with each company as this year’s […]

Works of Art — Gaming’s Most Inspired Visuals pt.2

As a continuation of Dave’s earlier post, I thought I’d contribute a few of my own personal favorite games that really had an impact on me. That’s what art is really about right? Evoking emotion, making the consumer feel. Although some of the visuals in the games I list may not shine in comparison with […]

Treasure Chest: Saints Row 2

Developer: Rare Publisher: THQ Release Date: October 14, 2008 Genre: Sandbox / Third-person Rating: M