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Backlogjammin’ – Another GD Podcast

Wes and Dave discuss a bunch of games they want to play but sometimes lack the time for. Dave does it sober, which makes him less interesting but more volume-controlled. Wes drinks a buttery chardonnay and has regrets.

Retro Gaming of the Future

New retro games is a booming enterprise. Slapping on HD filters, (sometimes) adding network play and other small additions and reselling games you’ve already made money on is a no-brainer. It’s also much easier for today’s consumer to pay $5, $10, $15 for a digital copy of the old games we used to (and still […]

Rumors: WiiU to Feature Downloadable GameCube Games

Scuttlebutt is that the WiiU will allow users (i.e. those lured into actually buying the thing) to download GameCube games.  I’d like to offer my schizophrenic self-reaction to this news. Happy:  Wow, downloadable GameCube games!  The GameCube had some great titles that are still enjoyable today. Grumpy:  Problem is I already own most of those […]