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Dave and Wes Discuss the State of Nintendo

It’s true.  We really do. Enjoy.

Podcast 2012

Welcome to the New Year! Enjoy an hour and a half of Wes and Dave discussing bullshit and their year in video games.

Skylanders: The Phenomenon

You may remember that I included Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure in my article about gaming trends I despise. I absolutely despise the multi-pronged marketing tactic used to sell this game because it is so goddamned brilliant. The only thing those marketing bastards could have done to be even more devious would have been to include particular […]

Extremely Early Impression: Skyward Sword

I know this is been out almost a month, but hey, I just got it.  It was a worthwhile payment from my old man for cleaning out his gutters.  Finally his fear of heights is paying off for me.  After a scavenger hunt for a Wii Motion Plus adapter (which I purchased from Amazon for […]

Reactions to E3 News in GIF Format

In the spirit of our last reactions post, we are going to react to some of the E3 highlights, albeit slightly late. Again, let’s start off with an easy one: Nintendo announces new game console!!! Behold the… WII U!! Now that you see how it works, let’s continue.

Roundtable 5

Dave and Wes once again ramble on incessantly because once we get drunk it’s very difficult to stop us from talking about video games. Even if we don’t really end up saying anything meaningful. At all. Anyway, at least this time we gave you some pictures to look at. Enjoy the randomly placed, gratuitous boob […]

Wii TV Channel? Really?

Ah, the Wii.  Barely utilizes enough bandwidth to properly run as it does is now seeking a TV Channel to stream television content on to–get this–your TV through the Wii! That’s right, the company that Mario built is focusing on TV for their online community, despite the fact that there is still next to no […]

Pre-order Metroid: Other M; Make $

Go to and pre-order Metroid: Other M. Do it now. For your efforts, besides getting an awesome game, you’ll also received a $20 credit for upcoming video game purchasing madness!

New Metroid: Other M Trailer

August cannot arrive soon enough.  Check out the latest trailer for Metroid: Other M. It features some of the already-seen footage of Samus’ epic fight with Mother Brain with the Baby.  There is a new portion of footage featuring Samus in her ship that HAS NO NAME.

Cheap Video Game Crap for Cheap

Amazon has a Gold Box full of cheap Wii crap for you today. If any of you out there are still getting some use out of Nintendo’s little white box, you’ll be pleased to see deals like: DanceDance Revolution Hottest Party 3 Bundle for $35 and a glowing Wii remote control for $20. Upcoming deals […]

Do Your Part: Get the Led Out and Vote!

Election Day is Tuesday.  Rock the vote a little early with this Rock Band suggestion survey: New Rock Band Suggestions.  Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are on the list, so do your part and vote for both of them. Your vote may make a difference, it may not.  But hey!  At least you can say you […]

Wii Fit causes nymphomania?

With over 70 million Wii consoles and 20+ million Wii Fit games sold, it’s not like Nintendo needs any help moving hardware or peripherals. However, if there is one thing that could possibly bump their sales figures up even higher from the currently incredibly-ridiculously high level into the ludicrously-obscene level it might be this: Wii […]

What are you drinking this weekend?

Yes, I know it is only Thursday but it has been one of those weeks that makes me dream about weekend drinking every day.  You know, a normal week.  I don’t think I am the only one getting the majority of their drinking accomplished over the weekend and it’s always fun to look ahead and […]