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Retro Gaming of the Future

New retro games is a booming enterprise. Slapping on HD filters, (sometimes) adding network play and other small additions and reselling games you’ve already made money on is a no-brainer. It’s also much easier for today’s consumer to pay $5, $10, $15 for a digital copy of the old games we used to (and still […]

Roundtable 6…

Matt, Dave and Wes discuss the pros and cons of the Sega Master System II and… some other things…

Hype or Mystery: Which leads to a better gaming experience?

As an avid video game fan, it is very difficult not to spend my free time reading game news, watching game previews and reviews and generally searching out any and all game-related information so that I’m at least somewhat knowledgeable on current and upcoming releases and the buzz surrounding them. When there is an upcoming […]

Video Game Theater: Volume 2

32-bit Favorites In keeping with the theme of the original Video Game Theater, I present to you some of my favorite intro sequences from the 32-bit generation. Taking full advantage of the increased storage capacity of the innovative compact disc, these games provided CD-quality sound and (ZOMG!) full motion video. Enjoy: Your browser does not […]