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Tonight Josh, Wes, Dave and Matt discuss XBONE vs PS4 and a bevy of side-topics. VS. Enjoy.

Could this be the Rock Band 3 setlist?

This may or may not be the full and final setlist, but RockBandAide has decoded the small, blurry text from a now removed YouTube video in which a Harmonix employee was scrolling through the setlist on a Rock Band 3 demo station. I am digging the variety and hoping this setlist turns out to be […]

Thank You, Video Games.

Depending on who you listen to (Congress, Fox News, Jack Thompson, Religion), video games are a scourge.  They cause addictive tendencies, excessive violence, sexual promiscuity, and just plain, scary feelings.  What you may not hear so often, though, is what video games have done for culture.  Rock and Roll, sports cars, skateboarding, exercising–even fucking math–have […]

Do Your Part: Get the Led Out and Vote!

Election Day is Tuesday.  Rock the vote a little early with this Rock Band suggestion survey: New Rock Band Suggestions.  Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are on the list, so do your part and vote for both of them. Your vote may make a difference, it may not.  But hey!  At least you can say you […]

Rock Band + Drinking: The Plateau of Effectiveness

Most people will agree that Rock Band is a great party game and no party is complete without copious amounts of alcohol. Moderation is key here, people. A few beverages can loosen you up and actually improve your Rock n’ Roll button pressing and switch-flipping efficiency. It is a slippery slope, though. One too many […]