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Game of the Month Podcast: Late Edition

It’s been far too long, but Dave and Wes finally catch up and discuss their recent Game of the Month failures as well as some other things. Appropriate reactions to this podcast include, but are not limited to:

GameDrunk Game(s) of the Month Club: Mid-Month Report

  Half way through the first month of our official Game(s) of the Month Club, Dave and I have each completed our selected games. The swap has happened, now it is time for Dave to tackle Stranger’s Wrath and me to dive into Metroid Other M. But, before we do that, here are our thoughts […]

Dave and Wes Discuss the State of Nintendo

It’s true.  We really do. Enjoy.

Retro Gaming of the Future

New retro games is a booming enterprise. Slapping on HD filters, (sometimes) adding network play and other small additions and reselling games you’ve already made money on is a no-brainer. It’s also much easier for today’s consumer to pay $5, $10, $15 for a digital copy of the old games we used to (and still […]

New Toy at GameDrunk Headquarters

It should be quite apparent by now that both Dave and I are very much into old-school or retro gaming. I started cutting my gaming teeth on the Apple II with games like Aztec before moving on to the Commodore 64. My dad was a college professor and traded copies of games with students so […]

Louisville Arcade Expo March 2-4

Gamers of Louisville and its surrounding areas will soon be treated to the second Louisville Arcade Expo. We were there last year enjoying room after room filled with retro gaming goodness, arcade cabinets, pinball machines, gaming tournaments, vendors, artists and more. The first expo, in our opinion was a huge success and we have been […]

GameDrunk LIVE!

On occasion, we may begin streaming gameplay sessions or Friday night drunken Rock Band fests. We’ll try to keep you updated on when this will happen, but it will probably be very random so you may just want to check back now and then. The link to the page is located conveniently on the right […]

Roundtable 5

Dave and Wes once again ramble on incessantly because once we get drunk it’s very difficult to stop us from talking about video games. Even if we don’t really end up saying anything meaningful. At all. Anyway, at least this time we gave you some pictures to look at. Enjoy the randomly placed, gratuitous boob […]

Welcome to the Next Level

If you lived through it, your life was never the same. The 16-bit Wars scarred those involved. Turned friend against friend, brother against brother. I enlisted early on as a soldier in the Sega Genesis Army and for two good years we were running things. No one could compete – the NES? Please. TurboGrafx-16? Bonk […]

Why the 3DS Will Be Awesome

This movie requires Flash Player 9 3D without glasses that can be turned on/off is 3D that I can get behind. Add in the fact that Nintendo will be revitalizing some great retro games such as Mega Man 2 and Yoshi’s Island and I am a happy camper. But, there’s more! Tecmo is also going […]

Get your new, old school Mega Man fix on the cheap

XBLA’s deal of the week delivers a bounty of Mega-awesomeness this week. Mega Man 10 for 50% off (meaning it will cost you a fiver). There are some other deals too, but they can’t possibly compare to the awesomeness of retro, Mega gaming glory. Links: XBLA Deal of the Week Major Nelson’s deal of the […]

Video Game Theater: Volume 4

Mega Man 2 Boss Levels With the exciting news circulating that Mega Man 2 is one of several games to be remade on the upcoming 3DS system, I feel it is an appropriate time to take a look back and enjoy what Mega Man 2 had to offer. In my opinion, Mega Man 2 is […]

Video Game Theater: Volume 3

SNES Favorites The SNES may be the best video gaming console ever created. The quality of the library for the little 16-bit system that could is unmatched. In this iteration of Video Game Theater we examine some of my favorite SNES games… or at least their introduction sequences. Enjoy: Your browser does not support iframes.