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Roundtable 5

Dave and Wes once again ramble on incessantly because once we get drunk it’s very difficult to stop us from talking about video games. Even if we don’t really end up saying anything meaningful. At all. Anyway, at least this time we gave you some pictures to look at. Enjoy the randomly placed, gratuitous boob […]

Gamedrunk RoundTable #3… 25 years of NES

Wes and Dave drink too much and discuss the greatest hits of the NES. We talked way more than we expected, so we skipped the slideshow, just enjoy the audio… if you dare…

Welcome to the Next Level

If you lived through it, your life was never the same. The 16-bit Wars scarred those involved. Turned friend against friend, brother against brother. I enlisted early on as a soldier in the Sega Genesis Army and for two good years we were running things. No one could compete – the NES? Please. TurboGrafx-16? Bonk […]

Hype or Mystery: Which leads to a better gaming experience?

As an avid video game fan, it is very difficult not to spend my free time reading game news, watching game previews and reviews and generally searching out any and all game-related information so that I’m at least somewhat knowledgeable on current and upcoming releases and the buzz surrounding them. When there is an upcoming […]

Video Game Theater: Volume 3

SNES Favorites The SNES may be the best video gaming console ever created. The quality of the library for the little 16-bit system that could is unmatched. In this iteration of Video Game Theater we examine some of my favorite SNES games… or at least their introduction sequences. Enjoy: Your browser does not support iframes.

Know Your Robot Masters

Mega Man 10 has recently seen its release as WiiWare and PSN and will soon be released for XBLA. With 8 Robot Masters associated with each title in the classic series – except for the original which only featured 6 – there are 78 Robot Masters to face in all. How well do you know […]

“Super Mega Awesome Ultra Nintendo” is more like it…

The SNES remains the pinnacle video game system to many gamers. The memories that are associated with that now-likely-discolored piece of early-90s, 16-bit hardware are so prevalent that remakes and Virtual Console ports are guaranteed money-makers in even a cash-strapped economy such as our own. A lot of folks fortunate enough to have lived through […]

Top 11 Co-op Games

For me video games have always been a shared experience. Having a younger brother meant always splitting my video game time and we grew up playing the NES and Commodore 64 together which had a limited selection of games featuring co-op or simultaneous play. Games with alternating play (example: Super Mario Bros. series) were alright, […]

Video Game Theater: Volume 1

Classic NES Intro Sequences In what I hope may become a recurring feature on the site, we present some of our favorite intro sequences from classic NES games. Proving that even without massive storage space and flashy full motion video and millions of colors, you can still spin a compelling yarn. The intro sequence used […]

Pour Some Out for Our Dearly Departed…

10 years ago today, my life was changed for the better. The launch of the Sega Dreamcast ushered in an era of crisp polygons, smooth textures and online gameplay for home consoles. Roughly 3 years after the Nintendo 64 launched and less than a year before the PS2 dominated the market, the Dreamcast gave us […]