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Tonight Josh, Wes, Dave and Matt discuss XBONE vs PS4 and a bevy of side-topics. VS. Enjoy.

Game of the Month Podcast: Late Edition

It’s been far too long, but Dave and Wes finally catch up and discuss their recent Game of the Month failures as well as some other things. Appropriate reactions to this podcast include, but are not limited to:

Roundtable 5

Dave and Wes once again ramble on incessantly because once we get drunk it’s very difficult to stop us from talking about video games. Even if we don’t really end up saying anything meaningful. At all. Anyway, at least this time we gave you some pictures to look at. Enjoy the randomly placed, gratuitous boob […]

GameDrunk RoundTable #2

Recorded on Friday, this one took a little longer to edit as it is considerably longer. Good times were had by all. Josh, Steve, Dave and Wes ramble about things no one else should care about while drinking. Enjoy! (I apologize in advance for our shitty recording equipment) Your browser does not support iframes.

Women. Eating. Food.

I have recently come to the realization that Food Network and to a slightly lesser extent, Travel Channel have discovered a couple deep dark secrets that are key to good ratings. 1) There are a ton of women who like watching shows about food. 2) Guys like watching attractive women put things in their mouths. […]