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Tonight Josh, Wes, Dave and Matt discuss XBONE vs PS4 and a bevy of side-topics. VS. Enjoy.

[GameDrunk GameClub] January 2013: It begins

  Our newest (and probably only) on-going feature takes the form of a game-of-the-month club, akin to a book club. Wes and I will both choose a game for the month, play it for two weeks, then play each other’s game for two weeks. This format allows both of us to play the same game […]

Dave and Wes Discuss the State of Nintendo

It’s true.  We really do. Enjoy.

Works of Art — Gaming’s Most Inspired Visuals pt.1

For whatever reason, the debate as to whether or not video games can be considered forms of art exists, mostly due to trolls like Roger Ebert.  The Smithsonian American Art Museum, however, seems to side with everyone else believing that video games, like movies/books/music and other forms of entertainment, are indeed creative expressions worthy of […]

Video Game Musings and Observations by Dave

Whilst looking deep within my psyche, I’ve pondered these following musings and observations, wondering what mystic understandings they hold for the video game universe.  They are told through bullet points and an overt usage of nonsensical, user-generated memes.

New Metroid: Other M Trailer

August cannot arrive soon enough.  Check out the latest trailer for Metroid: Other M. It features some of the already-seen footage of Samus’ epic fight with Mother Brain with the Baby.  There is a new portion of footage featuring Samus in her ship that HAS NO NAME.