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Dave and Wes Discuss the State of Nintendo

It’s true.  We really do. Enjoy.

A Christmas Gift for the Bastard In Your Life

Looking to give someone a lump of coal this Christmas?  Best Buy has you covered–Metroid: Other M for $5, free shipping.  Bah.

The 2010 Guilded Casks! Inaugural Edition!

Everybody else does an awards story for their site, and hey, we’re conformists!  Presenting to you the first annual Guilded Cask Awards.

Pre-order Metroid: Other M; Make $

Go to and pre-order Metroid: Other M. Do it now. For your efforts, besides getting an awesome game, you’ll also received a $20 credit for upcoming video game purchasing madness!

New Metroid: Other M Trailer

August cannot arrive soon enough.  Check out the latest trailer for Metroid: Other M. It features some of the already-seen footage of Samus’ epic fight with Mother Brain with the Baby.  There is a new portion of footage featuring Samus in her ship that HAS NO NAME.