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Dave and Wes Discuss the State of Nintendo

It’s true.  We really do. Enjoy.

Retro Gaming of the Future

New retro games is a booming enterprise. Slapping on HD filters, (sometimes) adding network play and other small additions and reselling games you’ve already made money on is a no-brainer. It’s also much easier for today’s consumer to pay $5, $10, $15 for a digital copy of the old games we used to (and still […]

GameDrunk’s Bestiary of Pain vol.1

You’ve seen lists that include the top villains of all time, normally topped by either of the following three: Bowser, Gannon, or Sephiroth.  This is not that list.  Instead, I choose to delve into the world of the villainous grunts, the cadre of these evil-doers that make your gaming experience a living hell. In this […]

Best Anti-heroes in Gaming

The flawed hero, Byronic hero, vigilante, tragic hero, they go by many names but they are generally the most memorable characters in the stories we experience. Be they books, movies, comics, or other, the characters portrayed as anti-heroes are the most compelling in my opinion mainly because their flaws make them more accessible than the […]

Why the 3DS Will Be Awesome

This movie requires Flash Player 9 3D without glasses that can be turned on/off is 3D that I can get behind. Add in the fact that Nintendo will be revitalizing some great retro games such as Mega Man 2 and Yoshi’s Island and I am a happy camper. But, there’s more! Tecmo is also going […]

Get your new, old school Mega Man fix on the cheap

XBLA’s deal of the week delivers a bounty of Mega-awesomeness this week. Mega Man 10 for 50% off (meaning it will cost you a fiver). There are some other deals too, but they can’t possibly compare to the awesomeness of retro, Mega gaming glory. Links: XBLA Deal of the Week Major Nelson’s deal of the […]

Ads! Part One

Remember magazines? They were those colorful books that had short articles in them about things. In particular, there used to exist magazines about VIDEO GAMES. Within these “video game magazines” were advertisements for…you guessed it: VIDEO GAMES! Video game ads usually fall into one of three categories: well done/awesome; funny (intentional or non-intentional); FAIL (makes-you-not-want-to-play-the-game). […]

Video Game Theater: Volume 4

Mega Man 2 Boss Levels With the exciting news circulating that Mega Man 2 is one of several games to be remade on the upcoming 3DS system, I feel it is an appropriate time to take a look back and enjoy what Mega Man 2 had to offer. In my opinion, Mega Man 2 is […]

Treasure Chest: Mega Man 3 ($6.98)

The ultimate treasure trove for nostalgic games of the NES/SNES/N64/Genesis/Saturn variety is your local used bookstore.  For me, that local establishment is Half-Priced Books.  This past weekend proved very lucrative:  a copy of the NES standard Mega Man 3 for $6.98.  Twenty minutes and $6.98 later, I was at home reliving one of my favorite […]

Know Your Robot Masters

Mega Man 10 has recently seen its release as WiiWare and PSN and will soon be released for XBLA. With 8 Robot Masters associated with each title in the classic series – except for the original which only featured 6 – there are 78 Robot Masters to face in all. How well do you know […]

Video Game Theater: Volume 1

Classic NES Intro Sequences In what I hope may become a recurring feature on the site, we present some of our favorite intro sequences from classic NES games. Proving that even without massive storage space and flashy full motion video and millions of colors, you can still spin a compelling yarn. The intro sequence used […]