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Wherein I Review Halo 4 (in a somewhat timely fashion!)

Everyone knew Halo 4 was going to be a juggernaut, the question was whether it was going to be any good. Let me assuage any concerns you may have immediately and say, yes, it is good. Quite good, in fact. 343 Industries grew out of Bungie’s Halo team, so it knows the series. 343 is […]

What E3 2012 Could Have Been

Followed much coverage of E3 this week? Yeah, me either. What I have seen has been less-than-stellar, and in some cases, downright boring (looking at you Nintendo…and Sony…and Microsoft). I can’t remember a year when I was less disappointed about video games in the near-term. The video game industry has ceased to be about video […]

An example of why I will not be buying multiple next gen consoles.

Scouring reddit, as I am wont to do, I came across this great 2012 video game release chart created by KingNL.  This chart lays out many releases expected for the year in both multiplatform status as well as in terms of console exclusivity.  The most glaring point this chart makes (to me) is the absolute […]