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Tonight Josh, Wes, Dave and Matt discuss XBONE vs PS4 and a bevy of side-topics. VS. Enjoy.

Out of Ideas?

Hollywood has been running on fumes for years now.  Sequels and remakes–that is the current climate of film, with only a few good ideas getting through the cracks, and only then from the power players in the industry.  For every Inception [pushed through by Chris Nolan after attacking the box office with Batman the way […]

Thank You, Video Games.

Depending on who you listen to (Congress, Fox News, Jack Thompson, Religion), video games are a scourge.  They cause addictive tendencies, excessive violence, sexual promiscuity, and just plain, scary feelings.  What you may not hear so often, though, is what video games have done for culture.  Rock and Roll, sports cars, skateboarding, exercising–even fucking math–have […]

Cheap Video Game Crap for Cheap

Amazon has a Gold Box full of cheap Wii crap for you today. If any of you out there are still getting some use out of Nintendo’s little white box, you’ll be pleased to see deals like: DanceDance Revolution Hottest Party 3 Bundle for $35 and a glowing Wii remote control for $20. Upcoming deals […]