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Dave and Wes Discuss the State of Nintendo

It’s true.  We really do. Enjoy.

Test Your Might.

Picked up a Sega CD over the weekend and I am psyched. I had my Genesis before my SNES and have always had a soft spot for Sega’s consoles. The only game I have at the moment is Mortal Kombat which is rated MA-17 on the Sega CD which means it does not need to […]

Welcome to the Next Level

If you lived through it, your life was never the same. The 16-bit Wars scarred those involved. Turned friend against friend, brother against brother. I enlisted early on as a soldier in the Sega Genesis Army and for two good years we were running things. No one could compete – the NES? Please. TurboGrafx-16? Bonk […]

Hype or Mystery: Which leads to a better gaming experience?

As an avid video game fan, it is very difficult not to spend my free time reading game news, watching game previews and reviews and generally searching out any and all game-related information so that I’m at least somewhat knowledgeable on current and upcoming releases and the buzz surrounding them. When there is an upcoming […]

Top 11 Co-op Games

For me video games have always been a shared experience. Having a younger brother meant always splitting my video game time and we grew up playing the NES and Commodore 64 together which had a limited selection of games featuring co-op or simultaneous play. Games with alternating play (example: Super Mario Bros. series) were alright, […]