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What E3 2012 Could Have Been

Followed much coverage of E3 this week? Yeah, me either. What I have seen has been less-than-stellar, and in some cases, downright boring (looking at you Nintendo…and Sony…and Microsoft). I can’t remember a year when I was less disappointed about video games in the near-term. The video game industry has ceased to be about video […]

Reactions to E3 News in GIF Format

In the spirit of our last reactions post, we are going to react to some of the E3 highlights, albeit slightly late. Again, let’s start off with an easy one: Nintendo announces new game console!!! Behold the… WII U!! Now that you see how it works, let’s continue.

Queue Up the E3 Disappointment (Grumble Grumble)

There seems to be a lot of jubilation about this year’s E3 Conference amongst the gaming press.  You can count me unimpressed with the 2011 offering.  Having watched the three main press conferences (Microsoft, followed by Sony and then Nintendo) I am comfortable in saying that I am displeased with each company as this year’s […]