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Treasure Chest: Borderlands

  Developer: Gearbox Software Publisher: 2K Games Release Date: October 20, 2009 Genre: First-Person, RPG Rating: M

New Toy at GameDrunk Headquarters

It should be quite apparent by now that both Dave and I are very much into old-school or retro gaming. I started cutting my gaming teeth on the Apple II with games like Aztec before moving on to the Commodore 64. My dad was a college professor and traded copies of games with students so […]

Louisville Arcade Expo March 2-4

Gamers of Louisville and its surrounding areas will soon be treated to the second Louisville Arcade Expo. We were there last year enjoying room after room filled with retro gaming goodness, arcade cabinets, pinball machines, gaming tournaments, vendors, artists and more. The first expo, in our opinion was a huge success and we have been […]

Join the cause: Man vs Zombie

A GameDrunk salute to Man vs Zombie for sponsoring us with a wonderful Reddit ad this fine Thursday in March. Support your zombie fighting brethren by buying a couple of artfully crafted, high-quality Man vs Zombie t-shirts. Use promo code: gamedrunk to get an incredible buy one, get one half-off deal!

Roundtable 6…

Matt, Dave and Wes discuss the pros and cons of the Sega Master System II and… some other things…

Dead Rising 2 Preview

Dead Rising blew me away when it was released for the Xbox 360.  It was a day one purchase for me and I spent countless hours finding new and innovative ways to dispose of the lumbering corpses relentlessly attempting to relieve me of my precious beer sponge (brain).  To me, this was the first truly […]

Best idea for a shirt. Ever.

Girl hands on girl boobs is nice, but a bustier model for the shirt wouldn’t hurt. via: