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VGMortal: Genesis v. SNES

This is it. The votes are tallied, the verdicts are in. Two retro systems enter, only one may leave. It’s retro-geddon! In this latest VGMortal you’ll hear: Dave stutter uncontrollably, Wes confuse Streets, Dave overplay his hand on lame jokes, and Wes bitch about songs not included. Our best show yet!

VGMortal: Genesis Tracks & Teams

Make no mistake, the Genesis is definitely the underdog in this fight. The SNES library of songs, from top to bottom, is just too fucking good. BUT, when Genesis does it right, they really do it right. Team selections are going to make all the difference in the world, I think (Sega’s A-Team is looking […]

VGMortal: SNES Tracks & Teams

The betting favorite in this knockdown drag-out, the SNES has put out hit after hit. With goliath publishers like Square, and of course Nintendo’s in-house devs, some of the finest VGM ever created rests on those little gray carts. But do these tracks have the chops to take down the hated rival, Sega Genesis. Probably. […]

VGMortal Grudge Match – Genesis v. SNES

Flame war, on! It was debated on many a schoolyard in the 1990s: Genesis vs. SNES. It pitted family members against one another, drew lines in the sand among friends. Were you a Genesis kid, or a SNES kid? I was a SNES kid, through and through, loving games like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, […]