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New Metroid: Other M Media

As this post’s title suggests, there is new media out courtesy of the game’s Japanese Web site, stoking the flames of excitement towards Metroid: Other M’s upcoming release.

DC Universe Online due in November

DC Universe Online, also known as “the reason I bought a PS3”,  has been given a release date of November 2010.  The only MMO I’ve ever considered playing and I have some pretty lofty expectations for it.  I’m eagerly awaiting E3 to hear further details, like whether or not there will be a subscription fee […]

“Online Pass” Trend Growing

EA Sports announced their plans for what they call “Online Pass” last month, saying that they would first implement it in Tiger Woods 11.  What Online Pass does is only grant access to online play if you are the first person to activate it on your copy of the game.  In other words, if you have […]

Reading While Pooping Ceases July 11, 2010 (Dragon Quest IX)

Reading magazines and books on the toilet is about to take a a backseat to leg-numbing amounts of RPG gaming.  Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS, which has sold upwards of 3 billion copies in Japan, is heading to the States on July 11, 2010, according to Pre-orders are being taken, though it […]

Mass Effect 2: The Day Exo-Prospecting Got Easier

I’ve seen a story floating around the interwebs about a patch BioWare has released for Mass Effect 2 in regards to the mineral collection mini-game.  Now featured: a larger, faster reticule allowing for more efficient resource scavenging. According to the BioWare Social Network (original post found here), the patch updates/improves the following: Scanning for minerals […]

Marvel Vs Capcom 3

My favorite fighting game of all time is going to get a sequel. We all knew it was going to happen; it was only a matter of time. After a decade of ruling the 2d fighting genre with its pure awesomeness, Marvel Vs Capcom will finally see its third iteration. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 boasted […]

Wii Fit causes nymphomania?

With over 70 million Wii consoles and 20+ million Wii Fit games sold, it’s not like Nintendo needs any help moving hardware or peripherals. However, if there is one thing that could possibly bump their sales figures up even higher from the currently incredibly-ridiculously high level into the ludicrously-obscene level it might be this: Wii […]

Shocking Gears of War 3 News!