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Wii3? Another GD Podcast.

The guys talk E3 and their reactions to such. Fun drinking game idea: Take a shot every time Dave says ‘amazing’. You’ll be shitfaced before you know it!

Reactions to Video Game News in GIF format: Nintendo Edition

Nintendo has been making a lot of headlines lately. Mostly terrible, terrible headlines that we all hate. Again, let’s start off with an easy one: Wii U online services will be free Click below to continue…

Skyrim DLC, “Dawnguard”, Releasing This Summer

Bethesda announced Skyrim’s first DLC expansion today with Dawnguard.  More details are expected at E3, like perhaps any relation to the rumors of Snow Elf Princes and crossbows. Also, for those who love screaming at their TVs, the Kinect-features update for Skyrim is supposedly available today.  Honestly, I think I’d enjoy screaming shouts in the […]

This is joyous news!

Ripten posted some interesting information today about Skyrim and subsequent DLC. Enter the Snow Elves (currently the Falmer) and their Snow Elf Prince, who was felled by the Nords (a child, in fact) at the Battle of Moesring. Also surmised by Ripten is the addition of the spear and the crossbow, perfect for assassins and […]

Huzzah! The defeat of more bullshit video game legislation!

Sorry, Oklahoma.  Looks like you’re just going to have to tax liquor more. Wait…

Borderlands 2 coming in September

In news that makes me (and surely Wes, too) very happy, Borderlands 2 will be coming September 18. As you can see from the trailer, its graphical styling is still there, only better looking–like playing a cartoon. The best news: 4-player online co-op. Wes just peed himself somewhere…

…Wherein my childhood keeps coming back…

Saw this on Joystiq today:  WW(F) WrestleFest is making a comeback via Xbox Live (and those other ones, too). I, for one, am mostly pumped, much like the late Randy Savage was (only with less steroids in my case).  The one problem I have is the inclusion of current wrestlers, which really isn’t that big […]

Rock Band getting RickRoll’d on Valentine’s Day

Not that I mind the 80s flare being disseminated by Harmonix to the Rock Band DLC collection, I still find it hard to believe that Rick Atsley is getting the RB treatment when we, the people, are missing out on Led Zeppelin! Also up for Valentine’s Day: Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Poison […]

Remember all that ‘buying one console’ nonsense? Well…

Twitter feeds my addiction of knowing about something first, right or wrong.  You see, I’m a know-it-all who loves the sound of his voice far more than I like.  And when Twitter drops some knowledge bomb on me, I have to disseminate it further. Behold!  Via, a report that Google is in the lab […]

Could this be the Rock Band 3 setlist?

This may or may not be the full and final setlist, but RockBandAide has decoded the small, blurry text from a now removed YouTube video in which a Harmonix employee was scrolling through the setlist on a Rock Band 3 demo station. I am digging the variety and hoping this setlist turns out to be […]

Games to be Excited About: Ni no Kuni

Studio Ghibli is responsible for some of my favorite all-time animated features and they are collaborating with Level-5 to make a Nintendo DS and PS3 game called Ni no Kuni. The games are completely separate games built from scratch – no porting of content from one to the other. The PS3 screens and trailers released […]

Get your new, old school Mega Man fix on the cheap

XBLA’s deal of the week delivers a bounty of Mega-awesomeness this week. Mega Man 10 for 50% off (meaning it will cost you a fiver). There are some other deals too, but they can’t possibly compare to the awesomeness of retro, Mega gaming glory. Links: XBLA Deal of the Week Major Nelson’s deal of the […]

The DC Dream Dies…

DC Universe Online…the game that might bring me into MMOs?  Could a console gamer make that jump, is it possible?  If only the subscription cost were to disappear, perhaps because said console gamer was a subscriber to the platform’s internet service?  PSN+, that would absorb the cost of a monthly subscription to such an anticipated […]