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VGMortal: Genesis Tracks & Teams

Make no mistake, the Genesis is definitely the underdog in this fight. The SNES library of songs, from top to bottom, is just too fucking good. BUT, when Genesis does it right, they really do it right. Team selections are going to make all the difference in the world, I think (Sega’s A-Team is looking […]

VGMortal: SNES Tracks & Teams

The betting favorite in this knockdown drag-out, the SNES has put out hit after hit. With goliath publishers like Square, and of course Nintendo’s in-house devs, some of the finest VGM ever created rests on those little gray carts. But do these tracks have the chops to take down the hated rival, Sega Genesis. Probably. […]

VGMortal Grudge Match – Genesis v. SNES

Flame war, on! It was debated on many a schoolyard in the 1990s: Genesis vs. SNES. It pitted family members against one another, drew lines in the sand among friends. Were you a Genesis kid, or a SNES kid? I was a SNES kid, through and through, loving games like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, […]

MusicBox OST of the Day: Gimmick!

There’s a pretty obscure SunSoft NES/Famicom game out there, that apparently sells for hundreds of dollars, called Gimmick!, or Mr. Gimmick!. In what looks almost like an early version of modern Kirby games, this lovable little tyke traipses through the game doing things to a completely-astounding soundtrack. Thus, Gimmick! is the MusicBox OST of the […]

MusicBox ep.2: Some Games We Don’t Know

Dave is solo for this MusicBox adventure, playing music from games no one knows about. Games include: Treasure Master, Treasure Hunter G, The Smurfs, The Smurfs Nightmare, Mario’s Picross, Elie no Atelier GB, and more!

MusicBox ep.1: Some Games We Know

Wes and I talk about games we’ve played and the music from those games that we remember. Our sound quality is not great, I talk a lot about things in which Wes is clueless, and Wes explains that he’s drunk. Games include: Street Fighter II Turbo, Jurassic Park (SNES–because Wes HATES the Genesis version), Actraiser, […]

MusicBox: Dave’s VGM Mix Tape

To properly kickoff the MusicBox podcast phenomenon, I thought it best to throw out my VGM credentials. That is, by providing you with a greatest hits compendium of tunes as chosen by me. Each of the 24 tracks is great to me, not just for musical quality, but also because of what they mean to […]

MusicBox: The OneUps (Artist Spotlight)

I happened to stumble on to a group of musicians with an affinity for retro game music this weekend. Playing through Majora’s Mask Saturday morning and being less-than-thrilled with the games music I commanded my laptop to engage Youtube’s abundance of video game inspired music. One group I’d never heard of before popped up: The […]

MusicBox: A Series of Sounds

Some video game series have been known for great things, whether it be the impeccable storytelling of Final Fantasy, the environmentalness of Metroid, the scope of adventure brought forth through The Legend of Zelda, or the back-against-the-wall, fuck-you-up-edness of Halo. Many ‘great’ series are known for many different things, but I venture to say that […]

GameDrunk Music Box: Yet Another New Feature!!

I’ve long had an obsession with video game music. The simply-complex tracks that used to fill my bedroom emanating from my NES left quite an impression, enough so that I felt compelled to create this feature dedicated to some of the finest video game music (VGM) I have come across. This introductory post seeks to […]