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GameDrunk hates on E3.

For realz. It sucked. Nothing good comes from this.

What E3 2012 Could Have Been

Followed much coverage of E3 this week? Yeah, me either. What I have seen has been less-than-stellar, and in some cases, downright boring (looking at you Nintendo…and Sony…and Microsoft). I can’t remember a year when I was less disappointed about video games in the near-term. The video game industry has ceased to be about video […]

Dawnguard DLC trailer provides further reasons to live

Wise sages of Bethesda, who bestow upon us new footage of Dawnguard, we thank thee.  We praise you for your inclusion of a crossbow, which will provide thine assassin with great ability.  We sing your name in song for the addition of mounted combat and wings which allow our (im)mortal(?) bodies glide above thine earth. […]

Wherein I Review Halo CE Anniversary (Fashionably Late Review)

  I knew I wanted Halo Anniversary because, well, I have every other Halo title; I like the Halo series, for all of you newcomers. I have played all titles multiple times for reasons I cannot fully explain. Wonderful controls, excellent music and atmosphere, story–sure, those are three big reasons right there, but there is […]

Outta the way, Peck! A Retrolection of Willow (NES).

  Remember Willow? Do you? Because up until last Friday it was something that had only vaguely existed in the deepest trenches of my brain, resting behind useless knowledge of things like the plotline of Rocky V and memories of ProStars. Willow came out in 1988, when I was but a wee lad of five. I […]

New Toy at GameDrunk Headquarters

It should be quite apparent by now that both Dave and I are very much into old-school or retro gaming. I started cutting my gaming teeth on the Apple II with games like Aztec before moving on to the Commodore 64. My dad was a college professor and traded copies of games with students so […]

And we’re back…

My semester finally ended; apparently two graduate classes and a 1-year-old are a lot to juggle at one time.  During the nearly-two-month hiatus I had to take from GameDrunk I was able to play a few new (to me) games.  For instance, I finally got around to playing through Gears of War 3, though I […]

Louisville Arcade Expo 2012

Setting up before the show starts, more photos and info to come as the weekend progresses: Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Bethesda artist heads to Sovngarde too young

Reddit’s main page features a link to Awesome Robo about the death of Adam Adamowicz, conceptual artist at Bethesda.  This is the gent responsible for a great deal of Skyrim and Fallout 3’s style–two games, I believe, that feature some of the most innovative atmosphere in gaming.  This is unpleasant news.

Remember all that ‘buying one console’ nonsense? Well…

Twitter feeds my addiction of knowing about something first, right or wrong.  You see, I’m a know-it-all who loves the sound of his voice far more than I like.  And when Twitter drops some knowledge bomb on me, I have to disseminate it further. Behold!  Via, a report that Google is in the lab […]

An example of why I will not be buying multiple next gen consoles.

Scouring reddit, as I am wont to do, I came across this great 2012 video game release chart created by KingNL.  This chart lays out many releases expected for the year in both multiplatform status as well as in terms of console exclusivity.  The most glaring point this chart makes (to me) is the absolute […]

Skylanders: Gotta Buy Them All Achievement Glitch

I have read on forums and experienced some issues myself in receiving the Skylanders’ achievement entitled: “Gotta Buy Them All”. There are several youtube clips showing some trickery for swapping your save files which I have not yet tried. I contacted Activision explaining the situation: I have maxed out the abilities on several Skylanders that […]

Podcast 2012

Welcome to the New Year! Enjoy an hour and a half of Wes and Dave discussing bullshit and their year in video games.