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Dawnguard DLC trailer provides further reasons to live

Wise sages of Bethesda, who bestow upon us new footage of Dawnguard, we thank thee.  We praise you for your inclusion of a crossbow, which will provide thine assassin with great ability.  We sing your name in song for the addition of mounted combat and wings which allow our (im)mortal(?) bodies glide above thine earth. […]

Gilded Cask 2011: Game of the Year

I finally feel like I am at a point where I can say I’ve adequately played through the majority of Skyrim and present a true idea as to its good points and bad.  As you can probably tell by the title of this post, there are far more of the good.  Skyrim represents true value […]

I’m Just a Citizen of Skyrim, but I’m So Much More

Certainly by now you’ve read a review of Skyrim, the latest Elder Scrolls iteration to grace our boring Earth (unlike the always-interesting Tamriel).  The last thing you need from me is to write yet another account of how great the game is; you know it’s great, even if you haven’t played it.  Instead I want […]

Gaming’s Epic Epics: Half-Life

Many games create the desire of replayability through exciting action, mind-bending puzzles, innovative story, and fun-ness.  Rare, though, are the video game series that feature a host of chapters, intertwined by a central storyline, that make you truly nostalgic.  It’s like reading/watching The Lord of the Rings time and time again–it’s too good not to […]