The betting favorite in this knockdown drag-out, the SNES has put out hit after hit. With goliath publishers like Square, and of course Nintendo’s in-house devs, some of the finest VGM ever created rests on those little gray carts. But do these tracks have the chops to take down the hated rival, Sega Genesis. Probably. But maybe not.

The teams are listed below, with their track ranking, game title, track title, and composer(s).


#1: Chrono Trigger; Secret of the Forest; Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda.

#20: Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts; Ice Forest; Mari Yamaguchi.

#21: Gamera: Gyaos Gekimetsu Sakusen; Unknown No. 1; Motoaki Takenouchi.

#40: F-Zero; Mute City; Yumiko Kanki, Naoto Ishida.

#41: Final Fantasy 3; Relm; Nobuo Uematsu.


#2: Chrono Trigger; To Far Away Times; Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda.

#19: Donkey Kong Country 2; In a Snow-Bound Land; David Wise.

#22: Tetris Attack; Forest Stage; Masaya Kuzume, Yuka Tsujiyoko.

#39: Donkey Kong Country 2; Stickerbrush Symphony; David Wise.

#42: Last Bible III; Sodom; Hiroyuki Yanada.


#3: Plok; Beach; Tim/Geoff Follin.

#18: Dracula X; Bloodlines; Tomoya Tomita, Masanari Iwa.

#23: Tetris Attack; Water Stage; Masaya Kuzume, Yuka Tsujiyoko.

#38: Wagyan Paradise; Cape; Yoshinori Kawamoto, Eriko Imura.

#43: Street Fighter 2 Turbo; Sagat; Yoko Shimomura, Isao Abe.


#4: Donkey Kong Country 2; Forest Interlude; David Wise.

#17: Super Castlevania IV; Forest of Monsters; Masanori Adachi, Taro Kudo.

#24: Final Fantasy 2; Kingdom Baron; Nobuo Uematsu.

#37: Spider-Man and the X-Men; Briefing; Tim/Geoff Follin.

#44: Jurassic Park; Triceratops Trot; Jonathon Dunn.


#5: Secret of Mana; Mystic Invasion; Hiroki Kikuta.

#16: Final Fantasy 3; Dancing Mad (Part 5); Nobuo Uematsu.

#25: Solid Runner; Detective’s Office; Mitsuhito Tanaka, Toshiaki Sakoda, Pure Sound.

#36: Last Bible III; Shark Ship; Hiroyuki Yanada.

#45: Operation Logic Bomb; End Sequence; Yasuyuki Suzuki.


#6: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; End Credits; Koji Kondo.

#15: Barbie Vacation Adventure; Scuba Diving; Paul Tonge.

#26: X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse; Beast’s Theme; Setsuo Yamamoto.

#35: Granhistoria; Ending 2; Motoaki Takenouchi.

#46: The Flintstones Movie; Password Screen; Jonathan Dunn.


#7: Donkey Kong Country; Aquatic Ambiance; David West.

#14: Super Castlevania IV; The Submerged City; Masanori Adachi, Taro Kudo.

#27: Earthbound; You’ve Come Far, Ness; Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu, Toshiyuki Ueno.

#34: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest; Dungeon of Ice; Ryuji Sasai, Yasuhiro Kawakami.

#47: Spider-Man and the X-Men; Cyclops; Tim/Geoff Follin.


#8: Plok; Akrillic; Tim/Geoff Follin.

#13: Secret of Mana; A Curious Tale; Hiroki Kikuta.

#28: Terranigma; The Underworld; Miyoko Takaoka, Masanori Hikichi.

#33: Last Bible III; Shark Ship; Hiroyuki Yanada.

#48: Super Mario RPG; Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms; Yoko Shimomura, Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo.


#9: A Bell is Tolling; Hiroki Kikuta.

#12: Star Fox; Corneria; Hajime Hirasawa.

#29: Super Solitaire; Game Select; Marshall Parker.

#32: Final Fantasy 3; New Continent; Nobuo Uematsu.

#49: Final Fantasy V; Battle with Gilgamesh.


#10: Chrono Trigger; Corridors of Time; Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda.

#11: Treasure Hunter G; Emperor of Balladry; Mitsuhito Tanaka, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Toshiaki Sakoda, Yoko Takada, Tomoko Matsui, Akiko Goto.

#30: Contra III: The Alien Wars; Mucho Grande Badlands; Miki Higashino, Masanori Adachi, Tappy Iwase, Aki Hata.

#31: Mega Man X; Sigma Fortress 1; Setsuo Yamamoto, Makoto Tomozawa, Yuki Iwai, Yuko Takehara, Toshihiko Horiyama.

#50: Gamera: Gyaos Gekimetsu Sakusen; Gamera Leaves; Motoaki Takenouchi.

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  1. avatar Osman says:

    Hey, Chrono Trigger!As someone who miessd Chrono Trigger the first time around, I have to say that it stands up really well even against the games of today. Sure, some of the plot elements seem pretty generic (by today’s standards at least), but it feels almost as if it was intentional as a sort of tribute to RPGs as they are.I also thought the Final Boss’s final form was quite possible the most deviously clever thing ever. It was a little odd, sure, but mostly because it broke from tradition which I think made it that much better. You don’t see that sort of originality often even in today’s RPGs.

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  2. avatar Ekha says:

    You know, I honestly never toughht of it as a tribute to RPGs. I really should give it another play-through with that mindset.And about the final boss that still confuses me. I mean, up until the final form (which I affectionately call his space duck’ form), it made some sort of sense. That was just so out of left-field that I couldn’t take it seriously.Also, out of curiosity, when did you first pick up Chrono Trigger? PS1 or DS?(And, as an aside, I’ll figure out how to make these comments not need approval as soon as possible)Also, thanks for reading and commenting!

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