Flame war, on! It was debated on many a schoolyard in the 1990s: Genesis vs. SNES. It pitted family members against one another, drew lines in the sand among friends. Were you a Genesis kid, or a SNES kid? I was a SNES kid, through and through, loving games like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Link to the Past. But I eventually got a Genesis in 1994-ish, enjoying titles like Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Road Rash 2 (lotsa 2’s). It didn’t make me waver from my admiration of the purple and gray juggernaut, but I started gathering more of an appreciation for Sega’s biggest claim to fame. Gameplay was pretty good on some games, but the music ranged from really great (Streets of Rage 2) to really crunchy and awful (so many other examples).

For years and years I was always under the assumption that Genesis music, for lack of a better phrase, fucking sucked. Sure, there was a good tune here and there, a game with worthy tunes (usually Sonic-related). This VGMortal grudge match, however, is meant to put that preconception I harbored, lo, these many decades, to rest and prove that both systems had very choice tunes. The SNES tunes were easy to identify, for the most part. I knew what I liked and I knew what was good. But for the Genesis–I listed to a lot of different soundtracks for a lot of different games. What I found was when Genesis music was done right, playing to the strengths of the hardware, shit was tight.

So, rules. It would be far-too exhausting to pit the chosen top-50 Genesis tracks against the chosen top-50 SNES tracks. Instead, because GameDrunk HQ is located deep within college basketball country, this good ole fashion slobberknocker is being engaged through a team-against-team tournament. The tracks have been ranked 1-50 for each system. Each team will consist of five tracks, put together via a serpentine draft. Meaning the #1 track will be paired with the 20th best track, then the 21st best track, followed by 40th and 41st best. Hopefully this will allow a little more balance in these match-ups, providing a decent representation of which console harbored the best music.

Other rules: 32x tracks are legal but Sega CD games are not. No more than three tracks can be chosen from any single game.

We’ll post playlists of the top-50 for each and conduct the majority of our tests off-mic. Then, when the final four–the best of the best–are decided upon, we’ll broadcast the results via another incredibly exciting podcast!

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