There’s a pretty obscure SunSoft NES/Famicom game out there, that apparently sells for hundreds of dollars, called Gimmick!, or Mr. Gimmick!. In what looks almost like an early version of modern Kirby games, this lovable little tyke traipses through the game doing things to a completely-astounding soundtrack. Thus, Gimmick! is the MusicBox OST of the Day.

Have a LISTEN! courtesy of a YouTube playlist curated by explod2A03.

Gimmick!, we salute you!

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  1. avatar Julie says:

    I haven’t actually read blogs IN Google Reader istlef for a couple of years, but I’ve used readers that synced to my GR account, and I think that counts. This does NOT make me happy. Supposedly, Feedly will make a seamless transition. It better, because I have no desire to resubscribe to all my feeds!

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  2. avatar Enock says:

    I just flashed back to high scoohl and the tribute band we put together for the annual talent show. Our music sucked, but our makeup was awesome.Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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