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If you, as a player of games (I don’t like the term ‘gamer’), are anything like me you likely have a large backlog of titles you have collected after seeing various deals and sales. And if, like me, you have nowhere near the amount of time needed to play these titles, you’ve noticed that backlog is full of stuff you want to get going on. But where to start? I’ve got so many games, console and PC alike, that I want to play, but with the attention span bestowed upon me by my Gen-Y/Millennial upbringing I end up playing an hour or so of everything, never really knowing where to settle and devote serious time. That’s where this series of written accounts come in to play.

For too long I’ve been wanting to play missed PC classics like Deus Ex, Planescape: Torment, and Baldur’s Gate II. And while previous PCs could run these older titles, they always slipped in behind newer, fancier, console-oriented games that grabbed my attention. We’re talking your standard Halo 4s and Legend of Zeldas. Titles that, in my mind, usurp the unknown-to-me classics of yesteryear all too easily. To combat this tunnel vision I have devised a 6-week program to get through 14 PC games I’ve collected and have eagerly anticipated. These games have come to me through various Humble Bundles and Steam/GOG sales, all a value at time of purchase but lacking in value as they sit unused on my hard drive.

Each of the 14 games will be given two hours a day of gameplay (minimum) for three straight days. So at least six hours to determine if I like the game and want to continue or feel OK with putting aside for bigger experiences.

The games in question, listed in the order they will be played, are:

  1. Guacamelee

  2. The Swapper

  3. Baldur’s Gate II

  4. Solar 2

  5. Planescape: Torment

  6. Half-Minute Hero

  7. Starseed Pilgrim

  8. Dust: An Elysian Tale

  9. Fez

  10. Hotline Miami

  11. YS I/II Chronicles

  12. Anomaly 2

  13. Deus Ex

  14. Gemini Rue

Rreactions and impressions will be added to the site regularly, not necessarily with each game, but perhaps in groupings of 2-3. If you give a shit about reading any of this, keep an eye out. Or don’t, I’m not your boss. But seriously, please do.

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