To properly kickoff the MusicBox podcast phenomenon, I thought it best to throw out my VGM credentials. That is, by providing you with a greatest hits compendium of tunes as chosen by me. Each of the 24 tracks is great to me, not just for musical quality, but also because of what they mean to me. I probably could have found other tracks that are better compositions, have a better melody to them. But the tracks on this list are personal experiences. Like a smell that brings back a flood of memories, a happier time, this list does the same.

Because nothing can be easy, here are the rules I imposed on myself for this compilation:

  • 24 track maximum
  • Only four remix tracks allowed
  • All console generations allowed
  • Limit to maximum 2 tracks per game.

My guess is most of these tracks are familiar to you in some form or fashion. A lot of them are standards on most ‘Best VGM’ lists you can find. But there are a couple of quirky tunes that I’ve loved for X-number of years that I hope you’ll listen to and craft your own opinion. For instance, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a VGM list with an Ultima: Exodus track on it, let alone two. But I think the two tracks I picked are exemplary. I heard them both so many times as a (very young) kid trying to figure out just what the fuck I was supposed to be doing in this game I didn’t understand. All I knew was the music was good, and it made the game worth playing (at the time).

Eventually I’ll put these tracks into podcast form for more mobile listening, but in the meantime….

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