You thought you’d gotten rid of us. Wes has posted a bit here and there during my strange journey and prolonged absence for lo these many months. New job, new house, new impending kid–bitch, bitch, bitch. Anyway, I’m putting everyone on notice of the GameDrunk re-launch, re-branding extravaganza! We aren’t actually re-launching, and there is no brand to re-anything. I personally see more podcasts and fewer articles in our future, but there haven’t been much of either lately, so you’re lucky with what you get. Maybe we’ll get our YouTube channel up and running a little more. The internet is our oyster.

Anyway, the Thanksgiving holiday is only a few shopping days away and I hope to get one to two podcasts up by Cyber Monday. Wes and I have been mulling some ideas for MusicBox, hopefully getting that sucker cranked up finally. Also looking to try a new feature called “Fuck This Game” where we play games renowned for their difficulty or horribleness (maybe even those revered in time) for as long as we can stand them before exclaiming, “FUCK THIS GAME!”. There will be overt anger and frustration, rage quits all around, and hopefully some entertainment in there, too.

There may be some solo stuff thrown in the mix, but I really hope not–already tried doing my own MusicBox alone, and boy did it suck. Maybe when we’re (more) desperate for content I’ll throw it out as a lost episode, but I really don’t want anyone’s suicide on my conscience. In the meantime, while you wait for GameDrunk hilarity and some good, old-fashion fun, feel free to go back through our embarrassing back-catalog of vastly-outdated articles and semi-offensive podcasts.

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