We talk about games and things. Main topic: biggest gaming disappointments and biggest surprisingly good games…

Enjoy if you so choose.

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  1. avatar Matt says:

    hmm, 3 minutes in and no agenda, no discussion of games. Shit discussions, some guy’s heart problems, and a lot of rambling.

    4:54. Three people……now the two people who listen.

    18:35. GTA games are horrible. Please ignore the the 40 million games sold since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

    Phew……objective commentary, anyone? At least the poop guy could provide a value associated with the size of his shits. 7 pounds.

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  2. avatar Matt says:

    BTW, Wes is a sexy beast.

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  3. avatar Wes says:

    Steve claims to shit 7 lbs, but none of us actually believe him.

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  4. avatar Matt says:

    He just took a shit for an hour and forty-seven minutes on this blog, so he might be able to hit 7 lbs.

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