I happened to stumble on to a group of musicians with an affinity for retro game music this weekend. Playing through Majora’s Mask Saturday morning and being less-than-thrilled with the games music I commanded my laptop to engage Youtube’s abundance of video game inspired music. One group I’d never heard of before popped up: The OneUps.

First of all let me preface this article by saying I am a Dave Matthews Band fan. That statement can get your ass kicked in some places and get you called a pussy in others. I don’t care, I like them. I’ve been to three of their shows and enjoyed each one more than the last. The best part of DMB for me is the instrumentation and song writing (at least musically; lyrically I’m often left wanting more than “I love you”). The band features such a great mixture of instruments, be they stringed or brass, and a thus are capable of putting out a phonically-pleasing sound. The OneUps are VGM’s DMB. They have: guy on the electric fiddle; guy on saxophone; dynamite bass player; guy on drums; dudes with guitars. Observe their mastery of “Brinstar” from Super Metroid.

There are many different groups out there who cover and remix VGM at a high degree of excellence. The OneUps are one of those elite groups. Perhaps they didn’t compose these tunes, but their arrangements are inspired and worth your attention (and money–albums available on the Amazon MP3 Store).

The rest of the set includes a couple from Chrono Trigger (Chrono Trigger, Secret of the Forest, Schala), Aquatic Ambiance from Donkey Kong Country, ToeJam & Earl (Toejam Jammin’), and Sonic the Hedgehog (Green HIll Zone).

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