I’ve long had an obsession with video game music. The simply-complex tracks that used to fill my bedroom emanating from my NES left quite an impression, enough so that I felt compelled to create this feature dedicated to some of the finest video game music (VGM) I have come across.

This introductory post seeks to lay out the vision I have for the feature. With awards season violently thrust upon us I began pondering silly questions like, ‘Which series has the best music?’ and, ‘What is the best overall VGM track?’. So, with that in mind, you can probably expect to see that sort of bullshit in the near future.

I also plan on delving into good sources for VGM, like podcasts that give the medium its due, fan sites like OC Remix, and other artistic recreations of the finest tunes found on YouTube. Exciting, I know. But, if you’re anything like me, you understand what a profound effect good VGM can have on you, creating the want to play that title all over again as nostalgia comes sweeping over you.

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  1. avatar Andy says:

    HELL YES. Can’t wait.

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