Our newest (and probably only) on-going feature takes the form of a game-of-the-month club, akin to a book club. Wes and I will both choose a game for the month, play it for two weeks, then play each other’s game for two weeks. This format allows both of us to play the same game from start to finish and bring our own, unique perspectives to the table for some in-depth dialogue over a chardonnay and mild brie. We are both picking games that we have never played before but always wanted to, or games that we’ve played before but never given much of a chance, or games that we’ve played before and wanted to beat but never put forth the effort. Some games are retro (8-, 16-, 32\64-bit) while some are newer (within the last couple of generations), but all piqued our interest enough to be included in this year’s grouping.

GameClub is sophisticated as shit!

The two games chosen for January 2013 are Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, from Wes, and Metroid: Other M, from me. Anyone that has followed this site in any capacity likely knows my bloodfeud with Nintendo started upon the release of Other M because, in my eyes, they ruined what was great about Metroid. It was a waste of $50 then (because I bought it brand new, obviously) and only got about 4 hours’ worth of my attention before I wrote it off as a steaming pile of dog shit. My expectations at that time were so vast that the game was likely to disappoint no matter how good or bad it actually was. The fact that it disappointed me so greatly, though, really soured me on the Wii experiment (which I kept trying to believe in) and led to my refusal of support for their subsequent offerings, like the WiiU and 3DS. The gimmick-filled nature of Nintendo has grown tiresome to me and left me disinterested, and a little hurt. So, I figured with the absolute lowest of expectations possible, I might actually be able to even slightly enjoy Other M and, thus, get my money’s worth. Plus, being a huge Metroid series fan, my perspective has not been anywhere close to objective, but Wes comes in as an unbiased gamer, never grasping on to Metroid in the same fashion I have. I’ll be very interested to see what he thinks of Other M as just a game because, for me, it is very hard to judge the game by itself with the series so dear to me.

It can't be any worse, right?

Wes picked Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath because he always wanted to play it but never did, I think. You’ll have to ask him for a more-long-winded reason…if you really want to.

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  1. avatar Wes says:

    To add to my reasoning: I picked up years ago for $3.00 and have wanted to play it for a while. Enjoy the OddWorld art style and atmosphere and thought this game looked interesting.

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