WWF Superstars Arcade

It should be quite apparent by now that both Dave and I are very much into old-school or retro gaming. I started cutting my gaming teeth on the Apple II with games like Aztec before moving on to the Commodore 64. My dad was a college professor and traded copies of games with students so I ended up with a library of thousands of Commodore games such as: Bruce Lee, Karateka, Master of the Lamps, Ultima IV, Jumpman, Paradroid, Uridium, Raid on Bungeling Bay, H.E.R.O, Choplifter, and so many more. It should also be very apparent that I am very nostalgic for these retro games and the memories they evoke.

I have joked about buying my own arcade machine for a long time but never pulled the trigger when I the time came for one reason or another. No transportation for it, too far away, cost too much money, etc. I’ve always wanted to build a gaming room in my home with a half-dozen or so arcade machines of various genres and maybe a skill game or two. In the same way that hobbyists build train rooms or restore old cars, I have always wanted to restore arcades and create a small museum in tribute to these objects that brought me so much joy as a child and triggered an interest in computers which I have built my profession upon.

So I have taken my first step towards this goal. It is a classic wrestling game I remember fondly from my past that I found for a price that I was comfortable paying. Monitor and controls are in good working order and the coin-mechs are operational and open fairly easily. I am pretty sure this is a converted machine and WWF Superstars was not the original game in this cabinet. However, it is using a JAMMA board which is easily swappable so I won’t feel bad if I decide to buy a different board (TMNT, Double Dragon, NBA Jam) and gut this cabinet and customize it.

I expect this machine to assist us in our GameDrunk endeavors as a decision maker of sorts. If Dave and I can’t come to a consensus on a game to add or remove from one of our many “Top something” lists, we can face-off in the squared circle. Ladder matches may decide our fantasy football draft order this season, plus I just like looking over in the corner of my basement and seeing it there.

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