Rock Band, I'm certainly Never Gonna Give You Up.

Not that I mind the 80s flare being disseminated by Harmonix to the Rock Band DLC collection, I still find it hard to believe that Rick Atsley is getting the RB treatment when we, the people, are missing out on Led Zeppelin!


Also up for Valentine’s Day:

Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Poison

Alone – Heart

To Be With You – Mr. Big (of Time Life 80s Collection commercial fame)

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Atsley

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Seriously, though, nicely done with the DLC, Harmonix. Way to stay the course! GameDrunk still plays your magnum opus!

Also, seriously, here is the actual link to the announcement.

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  1. avatar Wes says:

    Harmonix should have released an update with this group of songs that would actually allow you to Rick Roll the other players you are playing with.

    Scrolling through songs with some other players online, or at home. You settle upon a song that everyone agrees upon, you press the secret Rick Roll combination of buttons to secretly choose “Never Gonna Give You Up”, yet the game proceeds with all indications that you are about to play the song everyone agreed upon. Even when the song starts, the on-screen text reflects the original song, but then you hear the unmistakable drum-intro and laugh maniacally at the poor saps you deceived. And they all hate you for it and beat you up. Best idea ever.

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  2. avatar Marina says:

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