Twitter feeds my addiction of knowing about something first, right or wrong.  You see, I’m a know-it-all who loves the sound of his voice far more than I like.  And when Twitter drops some knowledge bomb on me, I have to disseminate it further.

Behold!  Via GizmoFusion.com, a report that Google is in the lab working on a home console.  Dumb, you say?  Well, I remember sharing that sentiment over ten years ago when the evil empire, Microsoft, was talking about marketing their Direct-X box, and judging from my whole “I hate Sony and Nintendo now and only love you, Microsoft!” rant the other day, it seems I was very wrong, lo, that decade ago.

Here’s the deal: I love Google.  I truly do.  They are freeing the internet.  Use my information in insidious ways?  Can I at least have free everything?  They have a ton of money, they don’t take themselves TOO seriously, and they are creative.  To me, ‘dem ingredients make one hell uva concoction!  It would be no issue for Google to get third party support because, well, third parties support everyone, again as noted in my last post.

The trick for Google would be coming up with a developer that will work in-house and create a game worth playing.  I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Bungie would jump on Google’s shit yesterday.  They already abandoned Apple for Microsoft and produced Halo.  They’ve now split from MS and are free agents.  Google may be coming up the ladder.  I’m tired of spelling this out for you, it could fucking happen.  Still, it couldn’t hurt to come up with another couple of killer apps, maybe from current PC games that have not yet been ported to consoles?

Nevertheless, Google could make a difference in the next generation market, something like Onlive only legitimate.  Their machine would run on Android, which is OK by me (even though I do own an iPhone).  They’ve got a penchant for giving away services like their MS Office clone; they are close to merging with Motorola-which could mean something in the way of hardware; and honestly they are new, which is what the video game industry could use to shake things up.  As Hollywood and the music industry fester in their own stagnant waste, the video game industry could very well hit such a level.  Google can help keep things fresh.  Here’s hoping, at least…

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  1. avatar Jacob says:

    I probably don’t care about Google anyway. Chrome is shit.

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  2. avatar Wes says:

    Chrome is THE shit.

    Fixed that for you.

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  3. avatar Dave says:

    Agreed…THE SHIT. FireFox suffers now in comparison.

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