Gamers of Louisville and its surrounding areas will soon be treated to the second Louisville Arcade Expo. We were there last year enjoying room after room filled with retro gaming goodness, arcade cabinets, pinball machines, gaming tournaments, vendors, artists and more. The first expo, in our opinion was a huge success and we have been waiting eagerly for it to return. The expo looks to be growing better in every conceivable way. Better location, more games, more vendors, more artists, more musicians, more awesome.

March 2nd can’t get here soon enough.


Ramada Plaza Louisville
9700 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, KY 40299 US


Friday March 2, 2012 ~ 2pm to Midnight

Saturday March 3, 2012 ~ 10am to Midnight

Sunday March 4, 2012 ~ 10am to 4pm

More info:


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