Even I got bored with my fantasy football weekly updates.  To put it kindly, I’m doing pretty good in one league and borderline terrible in the other–there’s your update.

Still, things are afoot at GameDrunk HQ.  I finally got Skyrim in, no thanks to Amazon or UPS.  Pre-ordered through the world’s largest online retailer with the assurance that I would get release-date delivery, which was last Friday.  UPS had other plans, holding this meager-in-size package hostage in, of all places, Nashville.  And since UPS doesn’t deliver to common folk on the weekends, I went EVEN LONGER without my Elder Scrolls fix.  But alas, the game came in yesterday whereby my 360 promptly absorbed its disc.

First impressions:  terrific, of course.  I am incredibly impressed with the graphics and sound, all fully-utilizing the promise the 360 has always had.  The lighting effects really cause moments where you think, “wow, that looks real.”  It’s one thing to say something looks real but in a cartoony sense.  This game offers photo-realism, a quality I did not think possible with this current generation of consoles.

I didn’t get to play it as long as I wanted, but I did slay my first dragon (in the main storyline).  I also veered off and took a side-quest for a merchant who had one of his valuables stolen.  I must say the game seems easier than Oblivion did (I am on medium difficulty); leveling up is moving faster than expected and arrows are giving off a surprisingly-large amount of damage for so early in the game.  It seems more real, though.  Somebody gets shot with a fucking arrow, they feel it.  They don’t sit there and take 12 more in the throat before falling from the mortal coil.

It feels very much like Oblivion + Fallout 3 = Skyrim; and I can’t tell you how great this is.  Bethesda took my two favorite games of this generation and essentially combined them, CharDee MacDennis style.  I’ll certainly be more into the game tonight and hope to have enough hours logged to where I can give an appropriate review by the weekend.

Also on the horizon, Wes receives Saints Row: The Third today.  He’ll be briefing us all on its splendor.

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