A month and one day is all that stands between the real world of Earth and the return to the fantasy world of Tamriel.  Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be released 11/11/11, and in preparation, Bethesda has been good enough to provide a few screenshots.  Initial thoughts on each pic as follows:

A vast, vast, vast landscape. Vast.

First, the map, courtesy of ElderScrolls.net.  What’s weird is how disappointed I felt when I first saw this map, thinking, “That’s not big enough.”  That, of course, is a completely stupid thought to have, considering Cyrodil was roughly the same size and I would venture to guess that the actual in-game world of Skyrim trumps Cyrodil all day long.

A monument to your creation.

As I gaze into this pictures digital majesty I cannot help but yearn for the game all the more.  This screenshot reminds me, strangely, of Chrono Trigger, traipsing through the picturesque mountain-scape in search of truth and fun.

It’s a fucking dragon; ’nuff said.

Count on a hoarde of headless zombies in this fucking place.

I really hope the torture rack will be accessible in this game.  I don’t know how you could make it work, but I can’t think of another game that uses it.

Breaking Bad, old school.

My newest, favorite part of Oblivion is alchemy.  So of course this screen gives me the chills.  I can, however, remedy those chills by creating a potion that has a resistance to frost and fortifies my endurance.

The marksman: a true warrior. Plus, magic bow!

I love playing as a marksman.  It’s tough when you have a brown bear running at you, but there is no better joy for me than sneaking through the shadows and popping an unsuspecting bandit in the back with a sweetly-timed, life-draining arrow.

More of this.

And finally: wenches.  This one, in particular, is already 100 times better than anything Oblivion had to offer.

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