Scuttlebutt is that the WiiU will allow users (i.e. those lured into actually buying the thing) to download GameCube games.  I’d like to offer my schizophrenic self-reaction to this news.

Happy:  Wow, downloadable GameCube games!  The GameCube had some great titles that are still enjoyable today.

Grumpy:  Problem is I already own most of those great games.  And I am unable to play the physical media on the WiiU, so I get the pleasure of paying for them again…

Happy:  Yeah, but imagine a game like LoZ: Four Swords Adventures with online co-op!  That’s great fun!  And online multiplayer for Smash Brothers Melee, still the best chapter in the franchise!

Grumpy:  Problem is Nintendo doesn’t do online.  Haven’t yet, and until I see dramatic changes, I don’t expect them to in the near-future.

Happy:  You’re kind of a sullen dick, aren’t you?

Grumpy:  YOU MADE ME THIS WAY!  With your happy-go-lucky, blind love for Nintendo over the years.

And scene.  The craziness that Nintendo has brought me over the years, evident in a short conversation held by myself to myself.  Unfortunately, the grumpy cynic in me is winning out more often in these self-debates as of late.

Buy me again!

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  1. avatar Jacob says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t put money on them offering any kind of new features to the GameCube games – simply direct ports. You want online support for them? That might come later…for an additional fee.

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  2. avatar Dave says:

    That is my suspicion, as well.

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  3. avatar Lorena says:

    At least nintendo has ionavntion, and what has ms and sony been doing all these years? Having you tap buttons on the same old kind of controller only improving graphics and online a little. It’s the different things that nintendo is doing thats keeping gaming interesting and alive.(and p.s. the wii u will have more hardcore games than the two other companies had last gen combined you fanboy ass wad).

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  4. avatar Midhun says:

    you remember those ones too ! the wine is still anruod (sometimes) the round table still anruod and the smoke i want it to be anruod but i feel sick every time i do damn it!(by the way, i found you on Etsy!! my etsy is coming up soon

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