Didn’t Sony learn anything from fellow Japanese, corporate giant Toyota?  You can’t hide behind vague language or impose a media blackout when you have a potentially serious issue (like a sticking accelerator pedal or a massive leak of your subscription base’s personal information) because you are afraid of the PR hit you’ll take.  As Toyota showed, the PR hit was MUCH worse after they were found out.  Same with BP and the Gulf oil spill.  Sony can expect quite an overall-ass-pounding after the newest iteration of ApocalyPS3 is said and done.  Expect class action lawsuits and possible boycotts, not to mention all-around mean thoughts toward the consumer electronics company that we all know and love already for marking up each of their products an additional 30% at retail.

The scarier prospect, I think, is that it supposedly took almost a full week before Sony even learned there was a personal information breach.  What is their network composed of, dreams and best wishes? PSN is free in terms of no subscription costs, but David Houghton of GamesRadar UK said it best when he noted the free PSN service is a factor many take into account when choosing to purchase a PS3 over, say, an Xbox 360.  Perhaps some of the revenue from Sony’s initial exorbitant cost of the system ($599) could have been used to bolster their apparently flimsy network apparatus.

You've won this round, Satan.

Initially the second coming of ApocalyPS3 was nothing more than a nuisance:  “I can’t watch Hulu Plus on my PS3!  Ugh.”  Then it became more of a joke:  “Wow, PSN is still down.  That’s kind of funny.”  Finally it morphed into a feeling of anger and disgust: “What the fuck do you mean my credit card information may have been stolen A WEEK AGO?!”  Sony better have Kevin Butler ready to jump through some serious fucking hoops.  All the funny commercials in the world won’t take this sting away any time soon.  I’m sure we’ll all forget about this whole mishap, though, once we get our free download of Diner Dash or My Aquarium.

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