Picked up a Sega CD over the weekend and I am psyched. I had my Genesis before my SNES and have always had a soft spot for Sega’s consoles. The only game I have at the moment is Mortal Kombat which is rated MA-17 on the Sega CD which means it does not need to use the infamous code for blood and fatalities. Very happy with my purchase and felt that this gem should be enjoyed by all:

Any suggestions for awesome / obscure Sega CD games that I should pick up?

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  1. avatar Jacob says:

    If you can beat Sewer Shark, you will go amongst the Hall of Legends…and by that, I mean the list of people who have caught Carmen Sandiego in Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

    And then go pick up this gem. It has Dana Plato in it! Dana Plato!

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  2. avatar Wes says:

    Yes. Night Trap is a classic. Only got to play it briefly on the Sega CD. There is a Sega CD-32x release with improved graphics, but I think it still pales in comparison to the 3DO version. Need to get a hold of a 32x now. Or a 3DO.

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