There are rare occasions when sitting down to play games feels like such a burden. On these occasions, I dread how much time it is going to suck out of my day. I never used to feel this way about games, and I think I have finally realized why this feeling has slowly been growing over the past few console generations. It mainly has to do with the time it takes between me pressing the power button on my console to the point at which I finally get to interact with the game I intended to play.

For example:
In the time it takes my Xbox 360 to power up, navigate to launch my game, load the game, display splash pages for developers and publishers, present me with load options, and finally load my game I have already completed 2 levels in Super Mario Bros. 3.

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  1. avatar Jacob says:

    That’s awesome. Go get yourself a warp whistle.

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  2. […] found this gamer’s blog comparing load times for Mario 3 and DragonAge. He makes an excellent point. Even after two levels […]

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