DC Universe Online…the game that might bring me into MMOs?  Could a console gamer make that jump, is it possible?  If only the subscription cost were to disappear, perhaps because said console gamer was a subscriber to the platform’s internet service?  PSN+, that would absorb the cost of a monthly subscription to such an anticipated game, right?


Thanks Sony, you just horse-fucked me.  This game went from a definite buy to an afterthought for this humble, cash-strapped gamer.  Diapers, baby formula, gas, house payment, food, blah blah blah–unfortunately these get priority over my video game playing.  Forking over $60 is one thing, but $15 a month to play the game that I already spent $60 on?  This is one console gamer who will not make that leap.  If Sony has the server capacity to run Home for free, how could DC Universe Online be too much of a stretch, especially with their newly-designed pay structure for PSN?

At least Sony has shown me how to hate once more…

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  1. avatar Jacob says:

    I think you may well have been the only person with the hope of free MMO play still alive. Yeah, it sucks pretty hard.

    Give it a while until the price tanks, then jump in.

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  2. avatar Dave says:

    Call me naive, but I really thought Sony was going to step up. I should have known better from a company that adds a 30% markup to all their consumer electronics.

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  3. avatar Jacob says:

    No, I can’t blame hope. And it does suck that you have to pay, play, then pay more.

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