Depending on who you listen to (Congress, Fox News, Jack Thompson, Religion), video games are a scourge.  They cause addictive tendencies, excessive violence, sexual promiscuity, and just plain, scary feelings.  What you may not hear so often, though, is what video games have done for culture.  Rock and Roll, sports cars, skateboarding, exercising–even fucking math–have been brought back to the forefront of awesome-tude in America, and you can show your appreciation by kissing the collective asses of the video game industry.

Brain Age + Math = Video Game Fun

Who would have EVER thought that a video game would make people want to spend their free time solving math equations?  Sudoku and brain testers provided an addictive form of edutainment, allowing full-grown adults to waste their time with a skill they haven’t used regularly since the 9th grade.  Besides saying to yourself “what the fuck?”, you should also consider saying “Thanks!” to the geniuses who are cashing in on you playing their math game.

Before Brain Age, this was my only enjoyment from math.

Exercising (Sweating while Gaming)

Video games have now given the morbidly obese another reason to sweat from video games besides chowing down on fire hot pork rinds while throwing down head shots to unsuspecting Locusts.  New mothers now have a selection of video games to help them get back to pre-pregnancy weight.  Does anyone else realize what video games are doing here?  Promoting good health?  SRSLY!?

Tony Hawk = Return of Skateboarding <<sigh>>

Remember, in the 80s, when skateboarding was really cool, and then years of good sense and true realization of fun in the 90s made everyone forget all about it?  Well, thanks to Tony Hawk’s PS1 gem, skateboarding came back into the forefront of pop culture and garnered the affection of young sk8 rats everywhere.

Now EVERYONE knows how to do an Indy Fishbone…almost.

Car Appreciation via Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo brought a whole new level of appreciation to aspiring gear heads and car lovers who may have been turned off by constantly-shitty offerings from the American Big 3 (i.e. Ford Probe, Pontiac Sunfire, Chevy Cavalier, etc).  This game featured beautiful cars that were both exotic and accessible.  The object was to build up your personal garage with cars for all sorts of differing race circuits and classes allowing dominance throughout.  There was also the opportunity to tune the cars yourself, giving the opportunity to maybe learn something.  Racing essentials were also a staple.  If you entered a turn too fast or didn’t follow a solid racing line, you’d likely pay for it somewhere during your lap.

The Audi R8 = Chariot of God

Guitar Hero/Rock Band = Most-Triumphant Return of Rock

Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2 sparked the great return, but Rock Band truly brought the love of Rock to all with its incomparable DLC offerings and the addition of mic and drum playability.  Kids who are subjected to the terrors of Top-40 on the radio and Disney-manufactured bands were given a taste of true music in the form of The Allman Brothers, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Boston, and countless others.  Children began singing “Oh, Lord yeah!” thanks to War Pigs by Black Sabbath–a song 40 years old.  Classic rock radio station DJs seem to pull songs recently featured in Guitar Hero and Rock Band games as major players on their rotation.  I never heard so much Heart!

Thank You, Rock Band!!

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