Amazon has a Gold Box full of cheap Wii crap for you today. If any of you out there are still getting some use out of Nintendo’s little white box, you’ll be pleased to see deals like: DanceDance Revolution Hottest Party 3 Bundle for $35 and a glowing Wii remote control for $20.

Cheap Wii Crap

Get your cheap crap for a system you no longer play.

Upcoming deals include:

  • Can you handle the spotlight?
  • Your nunchuk never had it this good.
  • Sing the hits of the stars of pop!
  • Slam dunk this game into your collection.
  • Get ready for Buzz and Woody!

But the deals don’t stop there!  That’s right, Amazon also has a great deal going on right now for you fans of plastic instruments and derivative iterations of a game that was innovative 5 years ago.

Guitar Hero 5 on the cheap.

This deal is for the Xbox 360 only. Sorry PS3 and Wii fans, you’ll be paying $23 and $40 respectively.

[UPDATE 5/18/2010 10:30am]

Amazon must have either fixed the price on GH5 for 360 or that deal has expired, because the price is now back up to $31.99

Screw that.

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